shit. I’m going to be single forever? 

Am I too picky? Am I not picky enough and waste my time on these dickheads? 

And then I think. fuck that. I know a) I’m a catch and I’m not fucking crazy and b) I’m not settling. I don’t have delusions of grandeur when it comes to romance.. I don’t want some knight in shining armor. That shit is for the birds. 

What I do want is a complement to myself and where I am in life. Someone to call me on my bullshit, and someone I want to spend time with, meanwhile keeping my own identity. Someone who my girls love and can go out with him even without me and its not weird for anyone. It’s not too much to ask, because I’ve seen it. 

So now I’m stuck. Do I continue to go on dates.. and hope that one of these guys ends up being “that guy” (I don’t like saying “the one”.. b/c who knows.. there definitely is “the one for that point in life” which may happen to be your whole life.. but who can say..) OR do I just stop looking as to what’s out there and hope for the best. I generally like being proactive with my life.. being idle was never my thing. But maybe it’s worth a shot.

Dating is fun.. and is also bullshit. Meh.

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